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We are unique sentient beings, each finding our way with our emotions, our thoughts, and our actions through God within ourselves and each other.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

What the mind focuses upon, ‘matters’. Every thought that we have is releasing a shower of chemicals that becomes part of and directs the physical ‘matter’ of our body. We need the serenity of mind to have the clarity of consciousness to support health in our bodies.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

There are as many pathways to the Divine as there are people in the world, as there is “Being” throughout the “Uni-Verse”
Jan Jennings, Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

All civilizations are impermanent and must come to an end one day. But if we continue on our current course, there’s no doubt that our civilization will be destroyed sooner than we think. The Earth may need millions of years to heal, to retrieve her balance and restore her beauty. She will be able to recover, but we humans and many other species will disappear, until the Earth can generate conditions to bring us forth again in new forms. Once we can accept the impermanence of our civilization with peace, we will be liberated from our fear. Only then will we have the strength, awakening and love we need to bring us together. Cherishing our precious Earth–falling in love with the Earth–is not an obligation. It is a matter of personal and collective happiness and survival. (Read full statement)
Thich Nhat Hanh

This web site was created to support developing consciousness within our species. Through a greater consciousness of our present human condition, comes the necessity for balance. The balance is in seeing not only the pain and suffering of our species, but the avenues and potentials for healing through the light of our spirits and our Creator’s Spirit guiding our whole evolutionary process. As each of us is urged by our spirit and the Creator to learn and evolve, our species is reaching a critical mass in collective thought. There is an awareness that our current paradigms are not in harmony with one another, nor do they represent a real awakening that is possible and essential to our species’ evolution and survival.

To allow our attitudes to alter and our paradigms to shift, we each must be quiet and calm so that we are able to listen to the whispers of our spirit in the quiet spaces of our mind. Indeed the information highway and the media, with all of the stimulation, both inform and simultaneously create conflict and chaos that make it difficult to quietly reflect in inner consciousness. The chatter of our own mind mirrors the intense outer stimulation and inhibits the universal inner guidance necessary for healthy minds and healthy bodies.

For real informed choice, our minds must be in balance. A quieted mind can clearly perceive and make an informed decision on what we want to ‘matter’. What we focus upon, becomes part of the physical ‘matter’ of our bodies in this world. We can decide what we want to ‘matter’ in our minds and consequently what will ‘matter’ in our bodies. We need the serenity of mind to have the clarity of consciousness…the lucidity to know that all of our energy is focused on the path of our own personal evolution.

My contribution to this awakening process, is through this web site, my writings, presentations and seminars, and meditation CD, that support expanded consciousness. Much of my life has been devoted to the practice and teaching of meditation and relaxation. I offer these tools on this web site to aid in quieting the “chatter” of the mind so that there is balance and this allows the connection to our spirit and the Creator.

Thoughts are energy and attention sends energy to aid in the body’s healing process. So too that’s true with psychological pain. When we get past the immediate impulse to deny it, to run away, blame someone, or sugarcoat it with positive platitudes, then we can allow our self to feel the pain, which is actually healing. The mere act of feeling the pain is sending energy for healing. We can then open ourself to the inner lessons, compassion, and understanding that come from deep within our self; to see the big picture from an elevated perspective. If you deny what is happening, if you run away from it, then it festers and becomes infected. It grows in the dark and controls us in ways we don’t realize because we don’t want to look at it.
Jan Jennings, artist, graphic designer, animator

As you browse the articles listed, choose what your spirit guides you to.

About the Authors

Jan Jennings, artist, graphic designer, animator

Jan Jennings has been exhibiting and selling her drawings, paintings, and illustrations since 1973 in Topeka, Kansas; Rapid City, South Dakota; Houston, and Dallas, Texas. She studied art as a child at Oklahoma University, Kansas University, and Washburn University. She graduated with a BA in Communication Arts and an AA in Computer Science from Washburn University in Topeka. She took a detour into the digital domain during the mid 80’s, into the 90’s, and worked as a computer animator in Dallas, Texas; Tallahassee, Florida; and Topeka, Kansas. But she has since returned to her first love, art.

Most of her art work illustrates an idea. The forms and colors become a visual language that symbolize a concept or communicate an emotion. Her paintings and portraits have illustrated the articles by Dr. Darryl Pokea that have been shown on web sites, magazines, and ezines
Some of the pictures are outerscapes and are inspired by the external physical world. Some of the images are innerscapes, and appear within my Mind’s Eye as complete works. The innerscapes are usually signposts on my journey that communicate symbolically. As you browse, let the art choose you.

Jan has been inspired by: Georgia O’Keeffe, Robert Delaunay, Richey Hooper Lorette, and the Oriental Collection at the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City.

Artist Statement:

A painting starts when I see something that is visually intriguing. The whole world is a canvas of images; the sunlight streaming through a window and dancing on the opposite wall; the shadow patterns the clouds make as they drift over the rolling Flint Hills; the pink hibiscus perfectly framing the yellow and white wild flowers in the distant field. The camera is my tool to capture the awe of these moments.

In the studio, I recall the emotion, the colors and the mood of the experience. Using the captured images, I sketch the basic shapes in dark neutral colors. I then add color in layers of glazing. I have used both oils and acrylics from the beginning. Acrylics are versatile and allow me to work quickly in the layering of paint without waiting for each layer to dry.

A completed painting often appears within my Mind’s Eye. The dreamlike imagery that comes is symbolic, expressing deep visual tones within myself. Painting engages me in a oneness with the image. I enter a state of awareness in which the visuals are fully expressed and communicated.

I live a very simple life in the country. From that solitude, I can devote myself full time to the expression of my art. I find subject matter in the natural landscape around me which is constantly changing with the seasons and the light. Occasionally I express something from a dream or a visualization.

Our Kansas 1907 farmhouse in 1935

Within the art, I am exploring a rhythm of line and texture, soft blended passages contrasted with impasto brush strokes. I am guided to express a calligraphic dance that is not only interesting visually, but is fun to do.

As you browse, let the art choose you.

I was feeling anxious about things going on in the world and decided to paint something soothing and serene. I painted the lotus aqua because that color is especially peaceful.

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.
George Bernard Shaw

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is the language of the soul.
Albert Einstein

Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea is a psychologist, neuropsychologist, professional speaker, author, teacher and student, sometimes spiritual director, amateur musician and composer

Dr. Darryl Pokea (pronounced “Po-Kay”) is an author, musical composer, and professional speaker. He has dedicated his life to holistic, integrated healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Dr. Pokea utilizes visualization, relaxation and meditation tools for self-discovery and healing in his presentations, seminars, writings, CDs and videos. His office is located on farmland West of Topeka, Kansas.

Throughout his high school years, Dr. Pokea received a scholarship in music to study under members of the Cleveland Orchestra. During his early college years at Xavier University, he began studying states of consciousness, meditation, deep relaxation, and utilized biofeedback instrumentation. He further developed his understanding of Christian Mysticism and Eastern Spirituality also at this time. Upon graduation in l975, with a bachelors degree concentrating in Theology, Philosophy and Education, he worked as a high school counselor and teacher. He taught courses in “Scripture”, “Christian Mysticism”, “Psychology of Religion”, and “Eastern Spirituality” to inner city high school students in Cincinnati. He also taught courses in Physics and Physical Science as he learned to integrate Spirituality, Science and Psychology. He attained his Master’s Degree in Education, concentrating in Psychology and Counseling, at Xavier in 1979. He accepted a therapist position at a half-way house working with adults who had a variety of mental handicaps and illness, as well as at a children’s hospital in Northern Kentucky for mentally disturbed Appalachian children. As a therapist, these experiences expanded his understanding of the suffering inherent in the human condition. He also grew in his appreciation of the depth of the human spirit and its powerful transformations in healing. During this time he began offering seminars for the Greater Cincinnati Community in Stress Reduction, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques.

His life long interests in the Mind, Body, and Spirit connections again prompted him to more deeply understand the human mind; so in 1982, he began his doctoral studies at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. He chose to emphasize health and neuropsychology during his doctoral studies and did his placements at Chicago Reed State Hospital, Ray Graham Institute for the Handicapped, and Holy Cross Hospital while working part-time in an adolescent/adult drug rehabilitation center. All these experiences continued to deepen his understanding of the breadth of human pain & suffering. He recognized the privilege of working with each of his clients and saw them as his teachers in the power of the human spirit.

He accepted an internship at Topeka State Hospital in Kansas, and completed his dissertation, “Multi-Dimensional Treatment of a Client Processing the Physical/Emotional Interface Involved in Pain Management.” He graduated with his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1986. He continued his personal and professional development as a psychologist at Memorial Hospital. As a Psychologist and Instructor at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, he continued to develop his understanding of the Mind/Body Connection. In this setting, he again utilized biofeedback and meditation/relaxation techniques in assisting clients with psychological illness, as well as those with physical illnesses that included Cancer, Heart Disease, Acute and Chronic Pain, as well as Neurological Disorders. He lead workshops for teachers, administrators, and health care professionals in Learning and Creativity, Stress Reduction, Attention Deficit and Learning Disabilities, Pain Managment, Psychoneuroimmunology and the Mind Body Connection. Over the last twenty years his interests have evolved into a deeper awareness of the spiritual dimensions of healing in both psychological and physical illness.

Dr. Pokea has conducted workshops, retreats and seminars in the application of mind/body healing. His professional speaking and writing includes the areas of Health Psychology; Psychoneuroimmunology; Mind Body Spirit Interconnectedness; Pain Management; Self Regulation & Psychophysiology; Creativity and Learning Processes; Stress Reduction; and Meditation/Relaxation Techniques. Dr. Pokea offers keynote talks, seminars and in-services for businesses, health care professionals, educators, civic groups, churches and other organizations. More recently he has been composing music, writing, and producing meditation/relaxation CDs & videos for Mind/Body Health.

Quotes and Inspiration

I always keep in Mind, what Dr. Elmer Green, who I consider the Father of Autogenic Training, (biofeedback for the mind body connection) saying to me "All of Brain is in the Mind, but not all of Mind is in the Brain." He and his wife, Alyce wrote the book, Beyond Biofeedback that includes Spiritual Principles that guide us.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Reclaiming our humanity, may be the single most important task for our species in these times. As we adults re discover this, then it can be kindled in our children and consciously lived again.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Real Healing in the full integration of medical and mental interventions, occurs when the Healer and Heale are fully aware that each is responsible for their own health habits.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

We should use our intelligence as intelligently as we can as often as we can. It’s our medicine, it’s our protection, it’s our self-defense.
John Trudell

The greatest discovery of the century is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds.
Albert Sweitzer

The spirit of man is inseparable from the Infinite, and can be satisfied with nothing less than the Infinite.
James Allen

To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A major part of the meaning of life is contained in the very process of discovering it.
Ira Progoff

Each of our perceptions contains the lessons achieved, those lessons yet to be learned, and the order of those lessons to come.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestations. Religions, philosphies, arts, the social forms of primitive and historic man, prime discoveries in science and technology, the very dreams that blister sleep, boil up from the basic, magic ring of myth.
Dr. Joseph Campbell

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.
Albert Einstein

....But in what figure shall we conceive the perfection of the body?...An awakening is as great an entirety as possible of the body consciousness and an education and an evocation of its potentialities...Wherever limitations recede, the body becomes more plastic and responsive and in that measure a more fit and perfect instrument of the actions of the spirit.
Sri Aurobindo

Depression is a sign that things are not healthy in the mind, but you cannot merely replace it by frantically by keeping busy or ignoring your mind affecting your body. You can look at all the illusions and misperceptions in the mind through meditation and contemplation and then let go of them to make new space for Light to re-place the spaces they used to occupy in your mind and body.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

For every mental event there is a corresponding physical event and for every physical event there is a corresponding mental event.
Dr. Elmer Green


Lucidity through Darkness

In my belief system, which is continually evolving, I believe that all Creativity comes from our Creator’s Infinite Love manifest in all being and matter throughout the Uni-Verse.  We are all invited to be participants in that Love in our learning that same Love towards ourselves and towards one another.

Choosing Happiness Instead of Stress for Your Body

Dr. Pokea shares deeper understandings about stress as the confluence of the mind body connection. He explores the latest research and his own insights that include practical solutions for shifting a stress-filled mind and body towards healing.

Lessons from Light Shining Through Depression

We are living in a civilization where it has become commonplace to pass pain around. We cannot forget that human sacrifice has occurred before in our earlier history. In “passing pain around and onto each other” anyone can be vulnerable as they struggle to live.

Gratefulness and Prosperity

Gratefulness alters perception and shifts thought and emotion. When our minds are resonating with gratitude the gate is fully opened to the flow of prosperity.

The Gift of Light Being With Each Other

Dr. Pokea shares his insights that we are all here to learn to traverse the dimensions we each create for ourselves through loving our self and each other. He discusses the multi-dimensional nature of being for all human beings and the intellectual and visceral learning that takes place in mind and body as we love One an Other as ourselves.

Divinity Through Democracy is One of Many Paths in the Exchange of Gift in Life’s Classroom

Thomas Jefferson understood that all authentic education is liberating and essential to a healthy Democracy. Patrick Henry voiced his own depth of commitment to freely receiving his life lessons when he said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” So many students feel frustrated and stifled in their education. They fear stagnation and stunning of their personal growth by adults. Much of the available education of teachers and parents emphasizes “control of students in the home and in the classrooms away from home.”

Returning to the Heart of the Healer Within

Dr. Pokea describes the process involved in returning to the heart of the healer within. He shares his insight that every thought, intention, action and relationship accumulates over a lifetime. Cumulatively, these contribute to the formation of heart ease or dis-ease in the heart’s 3 billion beats over a 75 year life span.

Whose Thought Is It Anyway?

Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain
Alan Watts

What contributions do our thoughts have in wellness or sickness?….. The “busy mind” is quick to blame the disharmony on the world “without,” ignoring our own creation of thought and feeling “within.”…. Simply stated, what the mind focuses upon, can become physical matter…..Expansive, peaceful thoughts and feelings lead to an adaptive repertoire of healthy, “happy matter molecules,” in our body.

A Gaia (Earth) Experience

The experience I had is free and available to us all. It was as though at some deep level of consciousness, every cell of my body was renewed and had rejoined with the earth. My senses were heightened; there was a deeper perception and an effortless flow of thoughts. I felt awake, clear in my thinking.

Dr. Pokea Relaxes With His Chicks

A Free Guided Pictorial Meditation for Moving Beyond Fear, Stress and Despair

Meditation: Healing the Inner World First

One cannot have healing without embracing that which needs to be healed. Meditation provides a pathway in the mind to observe the multitude of painful thoughts and emotions that we all carry that keep us separate from the One and one “an other”. The states of consciousness available through meditation allow for objectivity, so lucidity can shine through the ego’s darkest illusions in daily living.

Attention, Attunement, Awakening

Deep love is possible when we express conscious attention. Attending and being attuned to the deepest emptiness and human need in our self and one another is the awakening of love.

Meditation: Going Beyond Ego Barriers

The first step towards the release of outer world conflict is the release of our own conflicts within our own inner mind……Meditation returns us to the instance before thought, the timeless moment of being where there is a suspension of all wanting, all will that precedes thought. ….A sacred awareness in the continuum of consciousness where we clearly know that we are both Spirit and the melody, both Spirit and the words, both Spirit and the images and perceptions of all experiences in mind and body…..

Meditation: Steady As We Go

The most fundamental lesson in this existence is to learn to embrace our conflicts within, so that we do not project them out onto the world as thought missiles that do harm. The mind tries to chatter all the pain away with mind spam. Meditation opens the mind to process our own internal conflicts that unfold the layers of self and compassion blossoms. It reminds us of our life painting, our Spirit, the true artist, who illustrates and teaches us what we came here to learn.

Embrace Each Child and You Embrace Yourself

…the apparent teacher is also a student and the apparent student is also a teacher… True learning is a state of consciousness that lets everyone’s light shine; all the teachers, all the students, they are the same… Our children are our teachers…. Each time we are attuned to a child we are attuned to an aspect of our own child within. As we each do this, we reclaim our humanity, our light shines and so do our children.

Our Pets: Teachers of the Rhythmic Dance

Our pets keep us in touch. As we touch them they touch us in our most basic rhythms deep within. They remind us of our inner need for playfulness, rest, relaxation and restoration. They are uncluttered by chattering thoughts and are attuned to the healing rhythms of the earth and those same earth rhythms within our bodies.

Out of Control Yang: The Root of Cancer, Chaos and “Dis Ease”

Through his understanding of Yin and Yang within Chinese Medicine, Dr. Pokea discusses how mental, emotional and physical abuse shatter healthy identiy and leave wounds in both mind and body. He asserts that shifts in consciousness, shift our DNA and may leave it fortified or vulnerable according to our perceptions and experience of the world.

Love: The Harmonious Symphony

Love is not bound by distance, time, or space. It permeates even the most sterile environments….Comprehensive physiological monitoring during and after the procedure, showed that the patients, who were prayed for by the 7 religious sects, did 50-100% better than patients who were not prayed for by these groups.

15 Suggestions to Re-Mind and Reduce Stress

Fifteen practical releases of stress easily implemented in daily living…. Give yourself the 5 minute space rather than rushing into interactions.

Integrity Allows Love to Lead the Way

Dr. Pokea discusses how archaic paradigms are crumbling because they were based on our most primal fears. He suggests that the new paradigms will model after the 50 trillion cells that live in more a harmonized community within our body. Harmonized Life in the body includes spirit until we interfere with primal fears and ignorant belief systems that are chattering in our minds. He discusses the process of forgiveness for victim and victimizer, interwoven collectively with everyone’s healing on the planet.

Recognizing the Voice of Healing in the Twenty First Century

Our mind and heart are intricately interwoven with the fabric of our body. Likewise our bodies and minds are ringing with the balancing rhythms of our planet earth and the words and thoughts we have about one another. Our health and wellness is a reflection of the extent to which we are “intune”with compassion and reverence or “detuned” with gossip and thoughts of ill will.

Food: Fill Up or Fulfill?

Our emotional well being is just as important as the healthy foods we eat. Our stomach may also gurgle and growl to alert our mind to something unhealthy. It is a loyal, protective friend to our body. It doesn’t always want to be filled up. As we stay attuned to our “gut sense,” we can be aware of what is truly comforting, loving, and safe in our physical and emotional fulfillment.

Discernment in Choosing Your Healer

Tired of pain and promises, I turned to my Spirit for discernment on what to do next in the healing of my wrist…..When we aren’t awake as either healer or the person accepting healing, we simply “don’t realize what we do.”….Our Spirit doesn’t make any mistake when it guides the mind, which in turn guides the body.

Can’t Get to Sleep? It’s Only a Matter of Letting Go

Current studies estimate that more than one third of the general population suffers from insomnia. Dr. Pokea addresses these disturbances in our sleep from a perspective of Mind/Body alignment with practical understanding and remedy.

The Dark Night of the Soul is the Gift of Illumination in Higher Consciousness

During the Dark Night of the Soul, the deepest understandings of our true Self unfold. In this liberation of consciousness, we become free to know the multiplicity and unity of the One, the Divine, the Self that encompasses all Selves. This state opens us to understanding the interdependence and interconnectedness to everyone and everything as we lucidly begin to witness the timeless flow of Divine Consciousness in the Eternal Now.

The Tsunami, Terrorism and Trusting the Timeless Angels

Dr. Pokea discusses how the better angels of our human nature will never be destroyed by any tragic event as they remain timelessly within us. In (deed) as most of us are rattled, stutter, pause and reflect, the better angels of our nature always do come forward in wordless, careful and caring actions. We all can remember and learn again the lessons that follow all life events that may include the tsunami and overt and covert terrorists attacks.

Service: The Giving and the Receiving Are One

Dr. Pokea discussing that service is consciousness. reverence and compassion towards all sentient beings.

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