Dr. Pokea Relaxes With His Chicks

Co-authored by Jan Jennings & Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

A Free Guided Pictorial Meditation for Moving Beyond Fear, Stress and Despair

You don’t have to take any shit off the chickens.
Dr. Samuel Bradshaw

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Remember, you’re not chicken when you feel the fear, stress and anguish that your body expresses. It’s only when you deny it and forget laughter that you start thinking cocky.

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Then the fear has nowhere to go but your head and that stuff can get passed into your body.

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When you are really down don’t let your feelings fly away…. stay with them. They are the gyrations and vibrations that teach you what your next lesson is in your own personal evolution.

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Even your most primal fears are your teacher. You need not push them quickly away as can be the way of the world.

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Contemplate your deepest fears, embrace them and they will teach you what’s the matter so you may be informed and decide what you truly want to matter.

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You need not carry the burden of the world on your shoulders with things weighing heavily on your mind.

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Simply turn your attention to light filled perspectives as you see more of what has always been available to you. Now you can fully let the healing begin.

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Deeper contemplation again leads you to new perspectives.

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In seeing all the perspectives deeply within become lighter

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as you allow humor to come back and turn the mind.

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Rediscover the laughter bubbling and rumbling from deep within. Feel it resounding and reverberating echoing your ease with life even as you reflect deeply and laugh at yourself.

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Humor and laughter are exercise for both your mind and your body. They dissipate all fear and despair. Your gut laughter is jogging for the intestines that let them work together again. They are the seat of e-motion, the energy of motion, to move you towards new paths. Let your smaller intestine jiggle as you laugh. It replenishes your body by absorbing the healing nourishment that you truly need for life. Let even deeper belly laughs joggle your larger intestine making room for all the new healing nurturance as it is releasing the stuff you no longer need to keep inside. Laughter traveling throughout your gut sets in motion the release of all the commotion.

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Now, without all the distractions, you may focus quietly and deliberately on the peace deeply within. Letting go of all other stuff is both helpful and healthful. The quietude is always there as we let go of our temporary worldly perceptions. Then we experience again the liberation that comes in just being,… being alive.

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The simple attentive focus on breathing brings us back to this easy being. Being at ease with all the realities and possiblilities at once, not merely the ones assigned to us by the world or by our own mind.

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Let quiet attentive ease be the words filling your whole being as you get ready to really open your eyes

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As you open your eyes and things are looking up, look out to the world around you,…. as it is within you.

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