Lucidity through Darkness

By Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

In my belief system, which is continually evolving, I believe that all Creativity comes from our Creator’s Infinite Love manifest in all being and matter throughout the Uni-Verse.  We are all invited to be participants in that Love in our learning that same Love towards ourselves and towards one another.

The flowers know which direction the light is coming from.

In our human trappings, we often look at the past and make predictions about the future and in doing so we miss living fully in the present, Now.  This Now, is learned about in prayer and meditation.  Mediation assists our consciousness in embracing all the quantum possibilities we are witnessing Now in both darkness and lucidity and what they bring as possibilities in our mind’s attention.  The future is always nonsense until it becomes the past.  The only real reality is in the Now of our existence, our being here Now.  Meditation helps us to remove the distractions of dwelling in the past or predicting the future.  It keeps our consciousness focused in the Now of our very being.  Our Creator’s Love, deep in our nature, allows us to traverse the dimensions of time and apace through our own practice of love and compassion towards our self and others.  We each have the potential to become more conscious of that love manifest through each of us in daily living.  We are not separate beings, but part of Uni-versal Being and are here, Now, to learn to practice that same love that created us.  Jesus, the Master, taught us in his human form, that we are here to learn to Love one another as we Love ourselves.  Both happen simultaneously as expressions of our Creator’s Love in and through one another and all being and matter throughout the Uni-Verse.

At any given moment in our very human history, we can witness what we may think of as dark times.  We may be facing now, in our sometimes-narrow perceptions, that we are perhaps entering great darkness as never before in our very human history.  The lucidity expressed through us from our Creator’s Infinite Love traverses time and space and expands our Consciousness of what is truly happening for us in the Now.

Meditation is an assist in our becoming more and more conscious that we are all participants in this vast Creation that we are all part of.  Meditation changes our perception of what is really happening in the now and frees our mind to open again to all the quantum possibilities within the now, that we can enact with one another and all Creation.  This is Lucidity, that can occur simultaneously with the experience of darkness.  Daily healing thoughts and prayers are the implementation of any insights and perceptions we experience from the meditation experience.  These thoughts and prayers bring about new manifestations of our Creator’s love in and through all of us.  Lucidity can occur during darkness and darkness can occur during Lucidity.

I touch on these conscious processes in the article “Lessons from Light Shining Through Depression.” Posted on this website.

Prayers and corresponding healing in thoughts follow meditation and can then be creatively manifest in all we think, do, and say in our daily positive actions, particularly with one another and all Creation.

There is now much discussion and fear that we may be destroying ourselves and the Creation we partake in.  There is even discussion of nuclear destruction.  Here are my thoughts about this.

From my psychological viewpoint, fear is one of the strongest of our human emotions and if unprocessed can turn towards depression and inaction.  Fear can imprison us or free us depending on whether we process it as a warning of dangers in our environment or dangers within ourselves. If we process our deepest fears, we can replace them with courage, the compliment emotion of fear.  Courage can then guide our actions in response to any choose to any darkening experiences we encounter in this life, both within ourselves and with others.

Dr. Albert Einstein, said “Energy & Matter are different manifestations of the same thing.”  During the darkening period of World War II, he recognized that fusion reactions were possible both for great destruction if fallen into the wrong hands, or a future source of seemingly unlimited energy.  Our sun, as all the stars in our Uni-Verse, are huge fusion reactors in the design of our Creator.  We have known this in our physics investigations now for some time.  With the recent event of the Ukrainian war flashing into our consciousness daily, by news reports, we can witness intense courage manifest by our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.  Their courage reflects lucidity manifesting during darkness that they and the whole planet are encountering now.  We are all interconnected and cannot separate ourselves from these events now upon us.  The Ukrainian people model for us all those courageous actions are possible during impending dark events.  In our free will, freedom in choice of actions, we can be aware of the many events upon us, (e.g., Global warming, covid mutations, social injustices, inequities, whole nations in poverty etc. and take actions that change what we have been doing to ourselves in our human history, for too long.

Energy sources such as gas and oil have been used now for some time and have reached their capacities to sustain us in all our modern civilizations that have become so dependent on energy sources.  We are called now to change our sources as the manifestations of planetary disruptions are so evident in global warming, war, and unequal distributions of food and wealth as well as suppression, and genocide of so many cultures… all this has been going on for too long without completed change.

From my view, energy can come from the development of fusion reactors, like our sun and the stars throughout Creation.  If we devote all our best scientists, engineers, and construction people to developing and building fusion reactors, many of the planetary problems we are now facing will diminish. Conscious insights and explorations are already beginning and some our implementing these innovative ideas in [positive actions. This is what the great Master, Jesus of Nazareth taught as well as many other exceptional human beings from all human cultures. In enduring great darkness, great Lucidity can manifest through our actions, and we can evolve as never before in our human history.  The Uni-verse itself is constantly changing and in “motion.”  Our e-motions can impede our progress though uncontrolled fear and depression, or expand us through courage, consciousness, and compassion.  In lighted contrast to the darkness, these can lead us to supporting a planet that is ecologically healthy and well for everyone, including all animals, plants, and tempered resources from Mother Earth who hosts us.  The daily practice of Courage, Consciousness, & Compassion can bring us Lucidity during darkness.

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