Integrity Allows Love to Lead the Way

Co-authored by Jan Jennings & Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Dr. Pokea discusses how archaic paradigms are crumbling because they were based on our most primal fears. He suggests that the new paradigms will model after the 50 trillion cells that live in more a harmonized community within our body. Harmonized Life in the body includes spirit until we interfere with primal fears and ignorant belief systems that are chattering in our minds. He discusses the process of forgiveness for victim and victimizer, interwoven collectively with everyone’s healing on the planet.

Self-Mastery is the ability to live congruently in the service of your highest purpose.
Ramone G. Corrales

It is the action, not the fruit of the action that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.
Mahatma Gandhi

There is no greater sickness in the world today than the lack of love
Mother Theresa

Cumulatively, all of our inauthentic and ignorant paradigms (belief systems) have compromised our own constructive participation in Creation. The lack of integration, within each of these paradigms, is reflected in the loss of love among our selves. Our Loving Creator will never impose on us or interfere, as we have done so often with one another. As the dinosaurs became instinct, but did not return in the evolution of our planet, so too we remain stuck at present, in paradigms much like the dinosaurs. We are trapped relative and proportional to our succumbing to the energy of our primal fears, without the balance of Spirit. As this occurs, our perceptions are clouded and we do not understand who we really are and what to do next in our personal and collective evolution.

Our current paradigms, mirrored in our many institutions, have been failing for some time. Awakening to this realization rather than denying it, begins the process to discover new and healthier ones that have integrity. Out of intense imbalance and commotion in the extreme swing of the pendulum, comes the motion and emotion that provides the momentum for our swing back to balance. As we allow these insights to flow and freely permeate our consciousness without denial, we painfully recognize and accept that we have been ignoring our own ignorance.

The Guidance deep within each of us, from our truly Loving Spirit, will always be there to assist us. We must freely choose to invite our Creator’s Spirit through each of our spirits to fully flow within us again, as that too will be mirrored by our more freely flowing in the world without. As Love is rekindled through our intent and act of accepting our spirit’s invitation, the primal fears gradually begin to dissolve as they transmute into a transforming and unifying energy. That energy of Love has no forceful demands of power, servitude, subjugation, delusional compliance or pulling of rank.

We each must accept our own portions of the fears that we have neglected to attend to. Those fears universally contribute to the realities we may clearly witness in so many matters now upon us. Some of our fellow human beings are developing profoundly deep karmic debt by ignoring the basic understanding that every human being’s basic survival needs are met through the exchanges of love, as much as the provisions of material goods.

The karmic debit grows exponentially each day, as individuals in power, who have lost the lucidity of mind that comes from Love, continue to act out of their own emptiness. Their next willful loving act, in rekindling their participation in Love, is to step aside and let others, with truly loving vision among us, be heard and lead us fully by their genuine living example. Those of us with integrity are here learning the living vision of Loving Consciousness. We understand that Love purely unto itself, urges those consumed by power, greed, propaganda and all the useless vanities, to cease their ways that are consuming others. The integrity of our spirits helps us to recognize that the mind’s daily focusing upon Conscious Loving Light, dissipates and dissolves all the destructive self-hatred, not by force, but through example and invitation. Our Creator infinitely offers and provides each of us with the necessary Love to be participants as co-creators. Through balanced harmonious Love, we may begin to heal all the matters we currently witness, that spin us endlessly in no direction.

These realizations are universally presented to every human being who chooses participation in Love. They are offered to anyone who is still consuming others, as they have felt consumed. Those who abuse will again have the insight that they abuse, because they have felt abused. When we witness ourselves or anyone caught in the cycles of seemingly endless consumption and abuse, we are to place the focus of our minds first on forgiveness, 70 x 7, and then upon whatever is required in the moment for expanded loving awareness.

We collectively must remain awake to realize that those who have not forgiven their own moments of feeling consumed and abused, are doing the same to themselves and others because they have not yet forgiven themselves. Forgiveness breaks the cycles of abuse. Forgiveness, 70 x 7, is the same remedy for both the perpetrators of consumption and abuse and the victims of it. Loving forgiveness heals all the harm retained within them that they act out by ignoring others or attempting to make others the containers for their pain. As Love is first reestablished in conscious self-forgiveness, it begins to replace all the spaces of self-hate in both the victimizer and the victims, as these cannot be separated. Both will become conscious again of the strength that arrives from Authentic Loving Spirit that continues their interactive healing process that is also interwoven with all of us.

Self-forgiveness that comes from the victimizer’s spirit also accepts Loving Consciousness to awaken their mind. Then the victimizer will know that their next step in personal evolution is to surrender all their power, all their greed, all their ignorance and vanities to the Light. This process of self-forgiveness is universal. It is true for those who have greatly distanced themselves from Loving Light, as it is true for all of us.

To some degree, throughout all the recent intense commotion, we all have had some motion and emotion that has moved us to greater distance from the Light. This is part of universal human experience during darkening times. For the return of Light and healing for everyone to occur, collectively we each have our part as co-creators to maintain Consciousness of Love’s healing process, when others are still unable to.

If people who are abusing and consuming are forcefully removed from their positions, there will only be another from among us who will replace them. We will continue to have repeat performances of those archaic paradigms during these, our times, when our very survival as human beings remains at a critical impasse. Such abusers are removed through the collective transforming Consciousness of Love.

We simply can no longer afford to exhaust any more moments of realization without actually exhuming Love to return us to harmony. The thoughts and visions of a better loving world can no longer remain compartmentalized as words and images merely in mind, they must be living flesh in our bodies through our direct conscious giving towards each other. The thoughts, the words, the vision and images of love must be embodied in every body. In the Light of Full Loving Consciousness, we can acknowledge the depth of the mess we all have had some part in creating, while simultaneously accepting that we collectively need one another, every body to participate in the healing.

As John’s living insight stated, “The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us.” That word is in the diverse and multiple expressions of Love that also becomes flesh in every body. The body’s life itself is one of the manifestations of Spirit. The body’s wellness is sustained through Spirit in the cooperating community of its 50 trillion cells. These 50 trillion cells, much greater than the population of our planet, cooperate and represent the life, the living spirit, in every human body. Their harmonious conversations with each other are the model paradigm for our human mind to learn about unity, community and healing Spirit. These cells also remind our consciousness, through their cycles of life and death within the body, that words, manners, attitudes and actions always matter in the flesh. For the body and all bodies within nature, within all the substance and essence of matter… the visible, invisible, and indivisible presence of Loving Spirit heals us. We are to transcend the many human casualties and catastrophes we currently witness, in the Spirit of All for One and One for All.

We all have neglected letting Love fully permeate our whole human being. To learn what we are to do next in our transformation and evolution, we have only to listen to the whispers of Spirit. The Love from Spirit will help us to let go of all the conflicted chattering in the mind that echoes the erroneous paradigms from long ago. The new balancing paradigms are already underway as we consistently invite Loving Spirit into our collective consciousness. As Spirit guides our return to Integrity that opens us again to Love, the mind will integrate and become whole with the cellular wellness, alive in our flesh. All the empty agitated spaces in mind and body can then be replaced by fuller, more harmonious living for every body including the body we live upon, Planet Earth.

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