The Gift of Light Being With Each Other

Co-authored by Jan Jennings & Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Dr. Pokea shares his insights that we are all here to learn to traverse the dimensions we each create for ourselves through loving our self and each other. He discusses the multi-dimensional nature of being for all human beings and the intellectual and visceral learning that takes place in mind and body as we love One an Other as ourselves.

We are unique sentient beings, each finding our way with our emotions, our thoughts, and our actions through God within ourselves and each other.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Love is the Guru.
Alan Watts

How can you love God who you don’t see and don’t love your brother who you do see?
Russ Hardesty

Giving love is an education in itself.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Where love rules there is no will to power, and where power dominates, love is lacking.
Carl Gustav Jung

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Theresa

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience: we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J. The Phenomenon of Man, 1955

In the gift of life we are given a full continuum of experiences that range from turmoil to quietude. In quiet solace, reflecting on all experiences, we may learn about our true self, the healer within, our truly loving spirit.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

True learning is a state of loving heart-filled consciousness that lets everyone’s light shine – all the teachers, all the parents, all the students, everyone’s child within, as they are One and the Same shining Lucidly through the darkness.
Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Three water lilies symbolize our diversity in mind, body and spirit. Love illuminates their motion in the waters of our emotion.
Words and painting by Jan Jennings, artist

Many people ask where are the Light Beings that are guiding me? How do I learn to recognize them? Anytime anyone truly loves us they are a loving being with light given to us. They guide and teach us through that love. Love is the gift of understanding each other as we understand ourselves.

It is very important to proceed gently and lovingly in the whole process of understanding the gift that we each are to one another. Gentleness is intrinsic to the process of learning to love as we come to understand who we truly are. In the unfolding, we must keep in mind that force is what did the damage in the matter of understanding ourselves. We cannot let go of force’s damage with any manner that is forceful or we stop the process of learning to love. Force is antithetical to love and appreciating all that we are. Carefully and gently we are to reveal the heart of loving being towards each other.

Two Millenniums ago, a great Master Teacher taught us that learning to love your self and one an “other” is the manner and matter we learn and create with our spirit’s energy. Our spirit moves us forward in all our emotions and motions. Being careful in our emotions and motions is the manner that unites us again through all our diverse exchanges with our words and kind inter-actions. All words and inter-actions are to rhyme with the resonance of love. To be effective, they manifest in the rhythms of love. What truly matters in those rhythms is service to one another.

We are all here to learn, as best we can. We can learn about each other’s path by truly being with one another. We are to practice being timeless in inter-dimensional being with One an Other. This lesson of love continues forever. There are as many pathways to the One (the Creator) as there are people in our world and as there are forms of being in the universe. When we understand this multi-dimensionality of being, we begin to realize that each of us creates our own dimension of loving being within the “Uni-Verse”. This essence of love within the great diversity of being is expressed through the unique loving gift we share as One full loving being with each other

Jan Jennings, artist

The dimensions remain separate and are difficult to understand and traverse until we actively practice love. When these Universal dimensions combine and interact with love, we receive our lessons from each other. Perhaps the experience of Mystical Enlightenment is the full comprehension that life lessons are continually being offered inter-dimensionally. This occurs through the dimensions that each of us silently creates for ourselves in learning to love and accept love from each other.

When our truly loving spirit is guiding our mind and body, the learning process occurs lovingly, both intrinsically and extrinsically, in and through all our interactions with each other. We need not worry about reaching full enlightenment when we realize that everything we will become in love is already present in the timeless moment. This every-changing moment is fully being with our truly loving spirit. Being with our spirit is realizing that everyone’s truly loving spirit is the life fortitude throughout all our very human being. This same fortitude permeates all forms of Being.

Being a Student and Teacher with Each Other is the Gift

The greatest thing in all education is learning to be your own teacher while you are still the student. Then you can say silently in your heart to everyone you meet, Thank you for letting me be my own teacher. This is the essence of loving generous exchange. Once expressed within you as the student and teacher, it may be shared with everyone you meet.

We must be careful and full of care whenever we invite anyone to offer presentation to us as a student and any time we reciprocate as a teacher. Two millenniums ago, a Master refused his teachings to others who called themselves teachers in His time. He refused because they attempted to impose their order of things upon Him while asking Him to speak and teach them. There was no reciprocity in healthy exchange. They had lost their flexibility and could no longer see themselves also as students who still needed to learn. Under such circumstances, this Master could not even work any miracles at Nazareth. There too He was merely thought of as being the son of a carpenter by those so rigid in their minds in his own hometown that they no longer could learn from him or each other.

No one can speak freely and share liberating thoughts with anyone who imposes upon them any hidden conditions that are in any way disrespectful or unfriendly to them. We all have the opportunity and possibility of humbly being both a student and teacher to one another in the practice of always being careful and full of care in all ways. In our times any true teacher, who is also infinitely a student, may follow the Master’s guidance and quickly shake the dust from their feet the moment they realize there is imposition or improper attention paid in their offering insights, shared human experience or teachings. These are the same lessons in learning to love ourselves as we reciprocally learn to love each other, sometimes by turning the other cheek.

Turning the other cheek is turning the mind away from anything which lacks loving manner before it starts to matter. What the mind focuses upon matters. We are here to learn to keep all of our minds attention on loving manners and matters and quickly let go of anything else.

Improper attention in manners requires our spirit’s quick response to shake the particulates of anyone’s inattentive matter off as quickly as possible. All true teaching and learning must be accompanied by everyone’s authentic attentive commitment (student and teacher alike) to change and exchange. Then both student and teacher may fully participate in the truly loving matters of the heart.

It is bewildering after two millenniums of so many purporting to follow the teachings of this Master Teacher, that most people still do not attend to and realize what this Master modeled and taught so clearly during His life among us. He taught that people, themselves, through all their own actions and inactions, attentions and inattentions, carefulness or carelessness, being full of care or being full of hate, determine whether or not miracles and lessons in learning to love occur.

This Master taught that all healthy change towards wellness with each other occurs in an atmosphere of receptivity to one another encompassed by faith, hope, and love. He made it clear that genuineness in the exchange of love was primary for any teaching, learning or healing change to take place. Is it any wonder why there is so little wellness in our world when so many are doing a lot of talk while doing little or none of the walk?

All true teachers realize that the student teacher relationship is constantly interchanging. The perceived teacher is also a student and the perceived student, also a teacher. In this infinite interchange comes the true liberation of thoughts and authentic exchange of perceptions and emotions. These processes allow for genuine creativity, intellectual and visceral understanding and easier implementation of ideas to emerge in life’s classroom as we learn to love. The perceptive adult teacher realizes that the state of consciousness achieved both in learning and meditation are these processes of the mind and body where we observe contemplatively, each moment of experience.

An enlightened teacher fully accepts that they are a student. They never impose, but rather invite children and adults, who are also teachers and students, to observe and learn in every situation that develops. They know that the states of consciousness in learning and meditation are one and the same. These fuller states of consciousness are possible when love saturates the mind and body as we learn intellectually and viscerally. Learning and meditation are looking at oneself, each other and the world, without any distortion, without any friction, observing whatever happens lovingly without contradictions. Truly living this state of loving consciousness, illuminates the gifts given as everyone’s light shines- all the teachers, all the students, we are the same.

Jan Jennings, artist
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