Our Pets: Teachers of the Rhythmic Dance

Co-authored by Jan Jennings & Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Our pets keep us in touch. As we touch them they touch us in our most basic rhythms deep within. They remind us of our inner need for playfulness, rest, relaxation and restoration. They are uncluttered by chattering thoughts and are attuned to the healing rhythms of the earth and those same earth rhythms within our bodies.

Our pets keep us in touch.

They live in these healing spaces throughout their lives and bring us back to those spaces moment to moment as they dance with us and share our lives. With our pets help, people can be rescued or reconnect through touch; the blind can be independent; our hearts and bodies can heal; and we can relax and go to sleep.

It is estimated that more than one-third of our general population suffers from insomnia. Our pets remind us to return to the most basic rhythms that sustain us. They help us “let go” and heal. If we are having difficulty sleeping, all we have to do is watch our pets sleep. Their innocence and soothing comfort in their sleep quiets us and helps us to sleep. We may watch their breathing as they sleep and allow our own breathing to calm and match their gentle rhythms. They assist us in surrender and attunement to our nature, as we are both the same deep within. Observing our pets is a type of living meditation and that observation itself eases us into meditation or sleep whichever our mind and body needs in the moment. We are one with them and they are one with us.

Over 20 years ago researchers found that “pet ownership” was a most significant factor in preventing heart disease. Our pets unconditionally show us love and we have heart-felt connections with them. They don’t judge us and their complete acceptance lowers blood pressure. They are our loyal companions so we do not have to feel alone or broken-hearted. In their spontaneous playfulness they balance our minds and bodies as they urge us to recreate, restore, and heal. They connect with our emotions, both our joy and our pain alike. They remain our partners as we journey together with them, exploring and learning our lessons in life.

By Jan Jennings

Recent studies in the effects of cat purring suggest the frequency of their purrs strengthens the cat’s own bone density and tolerance for pain. They expend much energy in their purring rhythms, which are between 25 and 50 cycles per second. There may be an amazing potential here since some studies suggest that broken human bones and arthritic tissue may be healed by these same resonant frequencies. Having a cat purring on the lap may be more soothing than we realize. Preliminary studies are being considered to investigate whether cat purring may assist in the healing of our bones, increasing bone density for us as we age or for astronauts who loose bone density during their time in space. Our cats may be teaching us new forms of vibrational healing that could be applied to arthritic disease or as a soothing pain reliever.

Our pets have also been loyal and faithful assistants for the handicapped and blind. They intuit disturbance and danger and both guide and protect. They have remarkable attunement to our bodies and deepest inner needs. They have been brought into hospitals and nursing homes to have healing touch exchanges with our sick and elderly. They generously offer their vital restorative connections to everyone from adults to children.

They have profound perceptions, “tuning in” to the microcosmic world, our feelings and even the state of health in our bodies. Many dogs can sense changes in our bodies with their sense of smell perceiving as few as two or three atoms. They have been known in this sensitivity to smell cancer cell atoms from a person’s body long before it has even been diagnosed. They can follow a person’s trace atoms even three weeks after that person was there or find people covered by rubble so rescue teams may save their lives.

Our pets have an amazing clarity and sensitivity towards the microcosmic and they sense the deepest rhythms within our hidden inner world. They are our teachers in awakening us again to the full rhythmic dance of life and healing. They teach us to be tuned in, to trust our intuition, and have lucid discovery and understanding of ourselves. Our deepest inner workings are the same as theirs and though we may appear at times to be leading them as their master, they may be leading us back to our own healing mastery within.

Lydia stands guard over our house
Lydia pays attention
Lydia spots a rabbit
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