Choosing Happiness Instead of Stress for Your Body

Dr. Pokea shares deeper understandings about stress as the confluence of the mind body connection. He explores the latest research and his own insights that include practical solutions for shifting a stress-filled mind and body towards healing.

Lessons from Light Shining Through Depression

We are living in a civilization where it has become commonplace to pass pain around. We cannot forget that human sacrifice has occurred before in our earlier history. In “passing pain around and onto each other” anyone can be vulnerable as they struggle to live.

Gratefulness and Prosperity

Gratefulness alters perception and shifts thought and emotion. When our minds are resonating with gratitude the gate is fully opened to the flow of prosperity.

The Gift of Light Being With Each Other

Dr. Pokea shares his insights that we are all here to learn to traverse the dimensions we each create for ourselves through loving our self and each other. He discusses the multi-dimensional nature of being for all human beings and the intellectual and visceral learning that takes place in mind and body as we love One an Other as ourselves.

Divinity Through Democracy is One of Many Paths in the Exchange of Gift in Life’s Classroom

Thomas Jefferson understood that all authentic education is liberating and essential to a healthy Democracy. Patrick Henry voiced his own depth of commitment to freely receiving his life lessons when he said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” So many students feel frustrated and stifled in their education. They fear stagnation and stunning of their personal growth by adults. Much of the available education of teachers and parents emphasizes “control of students in the home and in the classrooms away from home.”

Returning to the Heart of the Healer Within

Dr. Pokea describes the process involved in returning to the heart of the healer within. He shares his insight that every thought, intention, action and relationship accumulates over a lifetime. Cumulatively, these contribute to the formation of heart ease or dis-ease in the heart’s 3 billion beats over a 75 year life span.

Whose Thought Is It Anyway?

Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain
Alan Watts

What contributions do our thoughts have in wellness or sickness?….. The “busy mind” is quick to blame the disharmony on the world “without,” ignoring our own creation of thought and feeling “within.”…. Simply stated, what the mind focuses upon, can become physical matter…..Expansive, peaceful thoughts and feelings lead to an adaptive repertoire of healthy, “happy matter molecules,” in our body.

A Gaia (Earth) Experience

The experience I had is free and available to us all. It was as though at some deep level of consciousness, every cell of my body was renewed and had rejoined with the earth. My senses were heightened; there was a deeper perception and an effortless flow of thoughts. I felt awake, clear in my thinking.

Dr. Pokea Relaxes With His Chicks

A Free Guided Pictorial Meditation for Moving Beyond Fear, Stress and Despair

Meditation: Healing the Inner World First

One cannot have healing without embracing that which needs to be healed. Meditation provides a pathway in the mind to observe the multitude of painful thoughts and emotions that we all carry that keep us separate from the One and one “an other”. The states of consciousness available through meditation allow for objectivity, so lucidity can shine through the ego’s darkest illusions in daily living.

Attention, Attunement, Awakening

Deep love is possible when we express conscious attention. Attending and being attuned to the deepest emptiness and human need in our self and one another is the awakening of love.

Meditation: Going Beyond Ego Barriers

The first step towards the release of outer world conflict is the release of our own conflicts within our own inner mind……Meditation returns us to the instance before thought, the timeless moment of being where there is a suspension of all wanting, all will that precedes thought. ….A sacred awareness in the continuum of consciousness where we clearly know that we are both Spirit and the melody, both Spirit and the words, both Spirit and the images and perceptions of all experiences in mind and body…..

Meditation: Steady As We Go

The most fundamental lesson in this existence is to learn to embrace our conflicts within, so that we do not project them out onto the world as thought missiles that do harm. The mind tries to chatter all the pain away with mind spam. Meditation opens the mind to process our own internal conflicts that unfold the layers of self and compassion blossoms. It reminds us of our life painting, our Spirit, the true artist, who illustrates and teaches us what we came here to learn.

Embrace Each Child and You Embrace Yourself

…the apparent teacher is also a student and the apparent student is also a teacher… True learning is a state of consciousness that lets everyone’s light shine; all the teachers, all the students, they are the same… Our children are our teachers…. Each time we are attuned to a child we are attuned to an aspect of our own child within. As we each do this, we reclaim our humanity, our light shines and so do our children.

Our Pets: Teachers of the Rhythmic Dance

Our pets keep us in touch. As we touch them they touch us in our most basic rhythms deep within. They remind us of our inner need for playfulness, rest, relaxation and restoration. They are uncluttered by chattering thoughts and are attuned to the healing rhythms of the earth and those same earth rhythms within our bodies.

Out of Control Yang: The Root of Cancer, Chaos and “Dis Ease”

Through his understanding of Yin and Yang within Chinese Medicine, Dr. Pokea discusses how mental, emotional and physical abuse shatter healthy identiy and leave wounds in both mind and body. He asserts that shifts in consciousness, shift our DNA and may leave it fortified or vulnerable according to our perceptions and experience of the world.

Love: The Harmonious Symphony

Love is not bound by distance, time, or space. It permeates even the most sterile environments….Comprehensive physiological monitoring during and after the procedure, showed that the patients, who were prayed for by the 7 religious sects, did 50-100% better than patients who were not prayed for by these groups.

15 Suggestions to Re-Mind and Reduce Stress

Fifteen practical releases of stress easily implemented in daily living…. Give yourself the 5 minute space rather than rushing into interactions.

Integrity Allows Love to Lead the Way

Dr. Pokea discusses how archaic paradigms are crumbling because they were based on our most primal fears. He suggests that the new paradigms will model after the 50 trillion cells that live in more a harmonized community within our body. Harmonized Life in the body includes spirit until we interfere with primal fears and ignorant belief systems that are chattering in our minds. He discusses the process of forgiveness for victim and victimizer, interwoven collectively with everyone’s healing on the planet.

Recognizing the Voice of Healing in the Twenty First Century

Our mind and heart are intricately interwoven with the fabric of our body. Likewise our bodies and minds are ringing with the balancing rhythms of our planet earth and the words and thoughts we have about one another. Our health and wellness is a reflection of the extent to which we are “intune”with compassion and reverence or “detuned” with gossip and thoughts of ill will.

Food: Fill Up or Fulfill?

Our emotional well being is just as important as the healthy foods we eat. Our stomach may also gurgle and growl to alert our mind to something unhealthy. It is a loyal, protective friend to our body. It doesn’t always want to be filled up. As we stay attuned to our “gut sense,” we can be aware of what is truly comforting, loving, and safe in our physical and emotional fulfillment.

Discernment in Choosing Your Healer

Tired of pain and promises, I turned to my Spirit for discernment on what to do next in the healing of my wrist…..When we aren’t awake as either healer or the person accepting healing, we simply “don’t realize what we do.”….Our Spirit doesn’t make any mistake when it guides the mind, which in turn guides the body.

Can’t Get to Sleep? It’s Only a Matter of Letting Go

Current studies estimate that more than one third of the general population suffers from insomnia. Dr. Pokea addresses these disturbances in our sleep from a perspective of Mind/Body alignment with practical understanding and remedy.

The Dark Night of the Soul is the Gift of Illumination in Higher Consciousness

During the Dark Night of the Soul, the deepest understandings of our true Self unfold. In this liberation of consciousness, we become free to know the multiplicity and unity of the One, the Divine, the Self that encompasses all Selves. This state opens us to understanding the interdependence and interconnectedness to everyone and everything as we lucidly begin to witness the timeless flow of Divine Consciousness in the Eternal Now.

The Tsunami, Terrorism and Trusting the Timeless Angels

Dr. Pokea discusses how the better angels of our human nature will never be destroyed by any tragic event as they remain timelessly within us. In (deed) as most of us are rattled, stutter, pause and reflect, the better angels of our nature always do come forward in wordless, careful and caring actions. We all can remember and learn again the lessons that follow all life events that may include the tsunami and overt and covert terrorists attacks.

Service: The Giving and the Receiving Are One

Dr. Pokea discussing that service is consciousness. reverence and compassion towards all sentient beings.

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