Awaken the Senses, Heal the Cells: A Healing Meditation – CD


Dr. Pokea combines his musical talents, his understanding of brain & body physiology, as well as his meditation and relaxation techniques to provide an experience of the interconnection of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Length: 54 minutes
Format: CD

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Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea's Biography

Beethoven said that “Music is the Mediator between the Spiritual and the Senses.” Music has always been central to keeping me centered and in balance particularly in difficult times.  I am an amateur musician and composer.  I play acoustic & electric guitar & harmonica, string bass, bass guitar, & clarinet to keep my sanity.  During my high school years, I was privileged to have a scholarship in music with my teachers, David Kearns, a violinist and George Wisneski, a contra bassist, both professional musicians in the Cleveland Orchestra.  They furthered my appreciation of all generes of music and lyrics which expressed the full range of emotions deeply.  During high school my Junior & Senior years, I was concert master, as first chair clarinet and I enjoyed conducting the band and later formed a small orchestra and conducted the musical “Once Upon A Mattress”. Throughout my college years I played contemporary popular music on guitar and bass at a coffee house on the campus of Xavier.  When I was teaching at an inner-city high school, in Cincinnati, my friend, Pete Meler asked me to play guitar and bass for his band, “Swamp”. I wrote the music to the song, “I need a woman” and Pete and I composed the lyrics together.  Pete did the choreography for the Band along with “Doc” Doerr.  They really knew how to exhume joy, dance & celebration and get the crowd going.  I arranged a medley of La Bamba & Twist and Shout (22 minutes long), our favorite to perform back in the 70’s. Coincidentally, Bruce Springsteen, also has arranged the same medley that I highly recommend watching on YouTube that exhumes Unity & Joy and shared diversity between the audience singing in unison, and Bruce leading the whole performance giving equal credit to the audience and all of his musicians. Music is a powerful healer.  All the arts, in its many forms, keep us in touch with our humanity as they manifest Creativity that is sourced in our Creator.

Dr. Darryl Luke Pokea

Listening Guide

On your personal journey into meditation, it helps to create an ambiance; this can include lowering lights or lighting a candle. A good set of stereo headphones or surround-sound stereo speakers are ideal for listening to the 3 dimensional sound on this meditation CD. Sit in a comfortable position and minimize any distracting noise. You may wish to practice this meditation in accordance with your own circadian rhythms (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening).

As our conscious awareness deepens, our senses are heightened and we become aware of the rhythmic harmonies balancing the family of cells that make up our body. Health may be viewed as infinite flexibility and adaptability of our cells to both the internal and external world. Pathology or “dis-ease” may be thought of as a narrowing of the mind’s view of both the internal world of thought and the external perceptions of the world. The congested thought and unprocessed emotion lead to “dis-ease”, cellular damage, aging and premature loss of health.

Meditation in conjunction with deep relaxation of the body allows the mind to be guided by Spirit. Spirit doesn’t make any mistakes as it guides the mind which in turn guides the body. The effects of Spirit permeate deeply into the inner workings of our cells. They saturate the DNA and affect energy and “matter” in atoms as their elections orbit rhythmically and particulates travel interdimensionally. “What the mind focuses on matters.”

There are as many pathways to meditation and relaxation as there are people in the world. Best wishes in discovering yours under the guidance of your truly loving Spirit.

Wishing you the deepest wellness.

Dr. Darryl Pokea